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Spousal Maintenance

Sometimes during the course of a marriage, a couple may decide that one spouse will discontinue paid employment to stay at home to take care of the family. When the marriage dissolves, the stay at home spouse may need to return to the workforce, yet find him or herself unemployed and in need of a job training or financial assistance until he or she can become self-supporting. Spousal Maintenance (formerly called Alimony) is the payment of such assistance.

The amount of Spousal Maintenance, its duration and even the need for it at all are often vigorously disputed.

Spousal Maintenance is different from Child Support and not subject to the same criteria used to determine its necessity, or how much is to be paid.

What We Can Do For You

When you retain our office to represent you in a divorce, we spend a lot of time listening and getting to know about you. Spousal Maintenance is difficult to obtain in light of New York's Equitable Distribution Law, but after learning about you and your circumstances, we will use our skill and experience to either establish your claim and secure the payments of monies to which you are entitled or successfully defend you from paying expensive and unnecessary maintenance which your spouse may try to claim.

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